Russia Expo 2015 Ambassadors

Popov Director Danilovsky Market

Since becoming Director in 2011, Maxim Popov has transformed what was once one of the Russian capital’s more average markets into the dazzling oasis of food that it is today. All food products sold at Danilovsky Market are processed for quality control by the market’s own food laboratory. Maxim has also introduced a range of laudable social responsibility and community help projects, which have been universally praised — and noted even by the Moscow City Government. For example, every weekend, Danilovsky Market holds ‘Days of Kindness’ events — where food is handed out for free to pensioners in need.

Kolesnikova Founder ‘Local Food’ project

In May 2013, Moscow’s first ‘Town Food Market’ opened — a place where new restaurateurs and entrepreneurial producers of authentic, high quality locally-sourced food could present their products. Today, the Market has been the launchpad for over 200 ‘gastroprojects’. That aside, Anastasia Kolesnikova’s team has launched a seed funding initiative for food-related startups, and also opened the first food co-working hub space in Moscow’s Sokol quarter.

Shifrina CEO and Founder BioFoodLab

Elena founded BioFoodLab in December 2011 to develop new technologies for, and the production of 100% natural food products. The company’s first product — the ‘Bite’ foodbar — was an instant hit with Russian consumers, and this success led to BioFoodLab winning the 2013 Forbes Start Up competition and, in 2014, becoming a finalist in a start up competition conducted by Ernst & Young. Today, ‘Bite’ foodbars are sold throughout Russia and have been launched internationally — in Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Syrnikov Historian of Russian Cuisine

A well-known food blogger, for the last 15 years Maxim Syrnikov has been travelling throughout the Russian countryside in search of ancient recipes — which he then uses to recreate the taste of traditional Russian cooking. He is the author of seven books on the history and practice of Russian cuisine, and is the Chairman of a foundation devoted to preserving traditional Russian cooking for future generations. Maxim Syrnikov is the holder of a Diploma for ‘the protection and the popularisation of traditional Russian national cuisine’ from the St. Petersburg Administration, a ‘Golden Personality’ award from Avtoradio and is an Honorary Member of the Chefs’ Union of Greece.

Berezutsky Founders and Head Chefs Twins restaurant

Sergei and Ivan Berezutskiy can rightfully take their place in the group of talented, young chefs who are doing so much to bring modern Russian cuisine to international attention.

Berezutsky Founders and Head Chefs Twins restaurant

Sergei Berezutskiy has made a name for himself as a highly creative experimental chef, who was named Russia’s Best Young Chef in 2014, and who won the prestigious S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup in the same year. His brother, Ivan, is known as the ‘Great Magician of St. Petersburg’ and is the first Russian chef to win the International Haute Cuisine Chefs competition.

Mukhin Head Chef ‘Selfie’ restaurant (Moscow)

Vladimir Mukhin is Head Chef at the famous ‘White Rabbit’ restaurant in Moscow (no. 71 in Restaurant Magazine’s Top 100 Restaurants in the World, and as featured in Diners Club 50 World’s Best Restaurants Academy); and is the Brand Chef of the White Rabbit Family — the group of restaurants of which ‘Selfie’ is the most recent addition. He was runner-up in the S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup in 2013. Vladimir is one of the few chefs who are not afraid to challenge the established and time-honoured boundaries of national cuisine.

Usanova Presenter, TLC TV; Founder,

«So — I’m a TV presenter and producer who became a foodie!» says Elena Usanova " — and not the other way round. I was convinced that you should never be afraid to change direction, the most important thing is to do what you enjoy. What I am doing now is absolutely on trend, but I would not be able to do it without all the knowledge and experience that my past life has given me — from the world of fashion and TV — and of course, without my love of cooking and good food"

Olga and Pavel
Syutkiny Food Historians, authors of The Incredible History of Russian Cuisine

Olga and Pavel are renowned culinary specialists and authors of the three-volume work The Incredible History of Russian Cuisine and The History of Russian Food. The Syutkins are at the forefront of research into our culinary heritage and pay particular attention to the history and development of Russian, domestically produced food. Their food tales are full of interesting facts about dishes and recipe books, about chefs and Ministers, about culinary triumphs and disasters in Soviet and Russian cooking through the ages.

Bragin Historian of Russian Vodka Marketing Director, Rodionov & Sons distillery

Ruslan has been a member of the Russian Guild of Marketeers since 2006, and has been awarded the title of Best Marketing Specialist in Europe by ADSW. He has led marketing strategies in Russia for a range of leading brands, including Clavin Klein, Cartier, Courvoisier, Ballantines, Beefeater, Mumm, Makers Mark, Laphroaig, Scapa and Belenkaya. In 2009 he collaborated with Boris Rodionov, the acclaimed historian of Russian vodka.

Zaharin Editor-in-Chief Gastronom magazine

Andrei is editor-in-chief at Gastronom Publishing, which produces a number of culinary and lifestyle titles, including Gastronom, Savodnik and Zhenskiye Sekrety magazines, the monthlies Shkola Gastonoma («School of Gastronomy») and Kollektsia Retseptov («Recipe Collection»), various cookbook publications, kitchen gardening magazines and internet portals and On top of all this, Andrei is the driving force behind the Gastronom Cookery School. He is a member of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Award academy, representing Russia/Central Asia/Eastern Europe. Andrei Zakharin is also a jury member for the Bocuse d’Or prize, and also for the ‘Palm Leaf’ and’ Laurel Leaf’ regional restaurant prizes —

Lamberti co-owner and Brand Chef of William’s, Ugolek and Pinch restaurants Brand Chef of Grano and Mammina restaurants

From 1994 till 1996 William Lamberti worked in some of Europe’s finest restaurants, including Enoteca Pinchiorri (Florence, 3 Michelin stars), Lucas Carton with Alan Senderens (Paris), Halkin with Stefano Cavallini (the first Italian restaurant in London awarded a Michelin star). In 1996 William moved to Moscow, started working with prolific restaurateur Arkadiy Novikov, established a new restaurant, Pyramid, and led the kitchen at the renowned Grand Opera restaurant. In summer 2011 Lamberti opened his own restaurant — William’s. By the end of 2013, in partnership with Ilia Tutenkov, he had opened his second restaurant, Ugolek and, recently, at the end of 2014, they opened a third — Pinch on Patriarch Ponds in the centre of Moscow.

Shaphorost Founder “No 1 Natural Taste Company”

Having studied at Harvard and INSEAD, Alexandra gained vital career experience in the USA, Asia and Europe. In 2012, she founded the ‘No. 1 Natural Taste Company’ with the aim of producing completely natural, delicious and unusual foods, which are both healthy and good value. Thus began the ‘Marc 100% natural" line of products: biscuits, granola, sweets and fruit cereal bars, which can be found in over 200 outlets in Moscow and many other cities across Russia. A range of children’s cereal, fruit and vegetable snacks — Marc&Fisa — soon followed.

Eroshenko Head Chef Chestnaya Kukhnya restaurant

After a three-year stint as a cook on a naval troop ship, Sergei Eroshenko started working in the restaurant business on dry land in 1992. He has worked in some of Moscow’s finest restaurants including Godunov, Casino Chatillon, restaurant-bar ZOO and, as concept chef, in the entertainment complex Volen. Sergei Eroshenko has competed in Russian and international culinary competitions throughout his stellar career, and is a prizewinner of the Restaurant Renaissance competition in 2001, Champion of Russia of 2002 in cooking, and a gold medalist of the first qualifying round of World Cooking Contest «Bocuse d’Or» in 2004. Sergei is also a winner of the GQ magazine Restaurateur of the Year Award and a member of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Guild of Chefs.

Tarusin Head Chef, Grand Café Dr. Zhivago

A specialist in Russian, European, Italian, Japanese and Caucasian cuisine, Maxim Tarusin is a member of the Culinary Academy of France. Since his career took off in 1995, he has taken part in numerous cooking competitions and exhibitions and has won many awards: Bronze Medal in the final of the Russian Bocuse d’Or, Gold Medal in the ‘Zvezdny Olimp’ contest, a diploma in the culinary World Cup in Luxembourg, Gold Medal in the Russian Cooking Championship amongst others. He has been Head Chef at Grand Café Dr. Zhivago, honing his Russian and Soviet cuisine skills, since 2014.

Makhov Head Chef "Cafe Pushkin"

Andrei has been in charge of the kitchen for Cafe Pushkin, one of the most famous restaurants in Moscow, for 15 years. During this time he has mastered the technology of preparation of national dishes of different countries – trained in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, England, Monaco. However, his credo is to popularise Russian cuisine around the world. In 2007 he published a recipe book "Classics of the modern cuisine”. In his book the author shares his culinary secrets. This publication is not only a fresh take on the Russian cuisine from a bright and talented chef but also dozens of recipes that can be classified as his very own signature gastronomy.

Kovalkov Head Chef "Fahrenheit" restaurant

29-year-old Anton Kovalkov belongs to a generation of Russian chefs called “fresh & loud". They are young, ambitious, adventurous cosmopolitan virtuoso professionals who had time to travel around the world doing internships in the best restaurants, taking part in international gastronomic festivals and competitions and at the same time wishing to work in Russia creating and developing modern Russian cuisine based on local products. Anton also teaches at Julia Vysotskaya’s cooking school as well as performing master classes at the International Festival Omnivore in Moscow for the last two years. Anton actively supports the usage of Russian products and seeks out new flavour combinations. He believes that taste is the main element of any dish.

Bednyakov Head Chef "Barrel" restaurant

All Igor’s dishes have original presentation and unforgettably delicious ingredients. One of the most popular dishes he has created from his grandmother's recipe is chicken royal cutlet, which has become a hit of the restaurant. Igor prefers to use farm products, while maintaining the basis of authentic Russian cooking. He has wide experience of participation in international exhibitions, culinary competitions, as well as master classes including a gastronomic tour of Spain and participation in the international competition in Germany.

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